Future Vision : Regeneration of Land for Humanity

From 2020, we will mobilise to buy land in Europe and among some first peoples. These lands will each have their specificities, they will each have their “guardian”. Depending on the case, they may belong to the Foundation or to the first peoples. Our desire is to dedicate them to the whole of humanity. We want these lands to be recognized by UNESCO as living spaces for future generations. These lands will also have the function of being places of exchange of knowledge which will offer first experiences to young graduates. In plain terms, we want to create a university of the Living !

Here are the places that have already caught our attention and where projects are being considered :

In the Finistère, France

Where for over 20 years Evelyne Adam has been creating jungle gardens on leached soils, we want to create a living centre that will demonstrate in a simple way that by improving the Earth, we can quickly (in fifteen years) regenerate and recreate forests. The practice of Evelyne Adam demonstrates that by taking action disaster scenarios are not inevitable if we launch a new collective dynamic to make the Earth again fertile and abundant.

In Ariège, France

We envisage to create a knowledge sharing school.

In Valais, Switzerland

We are already working with networks around Isabelle Gabioud, a farmer of mountain plants and Sofia de Meyer, founder of the Opaline brand. We want to demonstrate that their ecosystem and cooperative projects allow economic and regenerative viability for the living. It is time for this type of model to be brought to light and to be deployed on a large scale. For the past ten years these people have put in place a Living Economy instead of a “predation economy”, proving that it works and making it no longer a utopia.

In the Amazon, Brazil

The Puyanawa’s sacred forest, one of the first peoples of the Amazon, covers about 12 hectares. This forest is part of the monitoring projects of the primary forest by the Puyanawa people. According to them, this land of their ancestors is one of the places in the world where one feels most the notion of purity.