Foundation for the Living, it is time to act to regenerate the Earth

The awareness of our existence upon this earth has reached new levels. It is, therefore, time to take action and bring change.

The Foundation for the Living aims to mainly support land restoration projects.

To love is to care, and our planet needs to be loved now more than ever before.

With your help we wish to reforest this planet, preserve the last primary forests, promote, make known, and disseminate useful knowledge to regenerate nature and live in harmony with all that constitutes the living.
If the heat bothers you, plant a tree.
If the rain bothers you, plant a tree.
If you like fruit, plant a tree…
If you like birds, plant a tree…
And if you love life, plant a lot of trees :)

Today, the Amazon represents one of the greatest planetary emergencies.

We believe that together we can plant a million trees.

The planting of a tree from ancestral seeds, carried out conscientiously and with the support of the first peoples, keepers of knowledge of the forest, costs fifteen francs. Given the urgency, it is important that we can transmit and that our Western society can hear their knowledge so that the reforestations put in place by our civilization integrate their wisdom.

By mobilizing ourselves and offering a tree to a friend, as birthday gift, as a gift to a client, to each of our employees, to celebrate the birth of a new life, every child your classroom, for every week or month of the year, we offer to celebrate life, and above all we offer ourselves a future.

The vision to which we invite you to participate

The purpose of the Foundation: to embody a new project of civilisation, a society for the Living. For the past 15 years we have popularised, created meetings, brought the various actors of society to discuss around the current issues of the Earth together with Nice Future Association.

Today, the reforestation of the Amazon and the Earth is our priority. How? ‘Or’ What ? By safeguarding virgin lands and primary forests, by buying land for future generations from public funds, support from patrons or crowdfunding.
In parallel, the foundation also aims to establish in places Europe and among the first peoples of different parts of the world to offer an alternative lifestyle. Our idea is to buy or protect places dedicated to future generations that would be places of planting and hosting knowledge related to the Earth. They will allow their occupants to live in harmony with the Earth and will act as “University of the living”. Indeed, over the years, many pioneers have acquired exceptional know-how: “Kerterre” houses, jungle gardens, plant knowledge, medicines of the Earth, models of living economy, etc. All of this knowledge, now intimately explored, deserves to be shared and disseminated as an inheritance bequeathed to younger generations. We therefore want to create living exploration sites connected to each other, with the wisdoms of Europe and those of the first peoples from around the world.

Finally, we want to be the actors of a new sustainable way of life and of a society based on shared ethical principles, including respect and attention for all, ecological integrity, respect for diversities, a living economy and a culture of peace.
These values ​​are in our eyes necessary for the realisation of these projects with the consciousness of the life. Indeed, we believe that external action and the implementation of projects cannot be achieved harmoniously without an internal alignment of each of us. For living in harmony with the living also means living in harmony with oneself and with others by joyfully celebrating each moment.